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You are welcomed by Elena Muromtseva, the owner of the «Rauschen Cattery».

My breeding cattery is named after the town I reside in. The town of Svetlogorsk is located in a scenic place on the Baltic Sea coast. The town’s old German name Rauschen means «rustling», «whisper».

The cattery for British shorthair cats «Rauschen Cattery» was registered on April 4, 2007 with All Russian Cat Club Association (ARCCA) — FIFe.

The cattery is involved in professional pedigree breeding of only thoroughbred British shorthair cats of classic and rare colors. In our pedigree work we use bloodlines of the best catteries of: (1) the United Kingdom — Tanirallt, Coppins, Steelaway, Britard, Tamplegates, Adcinch, Donyosabuk, Witchwoods, Blossom; (2) Russia — Wonderfleur RU, Pearl of Empire’s; (3) Denmark — DK Hampton Court’s, DK Hojklint’s; (4) Germany — v. Goldenen Winkel, v. Wahrberg.

All cats of the cattery are titled prize winners of the FIFe international exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

«Rauschen Cattery» was awarded with a personalized diploma for its professional contribution to felinology and for support of FIFe in Russia. Cats of our bloodlines are known in many countries far away from Russia and are among the best representatives of their breed. They are known for their good health; they are excellent prepotent studs and queens with wonderful fixed type and they have world-wide known British plush coat, i.e. «crispy» texture.


The cattery does quite strict pedigree selection of animals, special attention being paid to the purity of bloodlines. In the service, we do not use cats of other breeds (Persians, Folds, Strites, Exots, British longhair cats). The best representatives of the British shorthair breed are selected for breeding and for show.

Kittens of the cattery are of course properly vaccinated, they are inculcated to use scratching poles and litter-box, and they are transferred to other owners only when kittens reach four months of age.

Ailurophiles and owners of our nurselings can be always provided with professional consultation and advice in our cattery.

«Rauschen Cattery» is willing to have professional cooperation and joint work with owners of foreign catteries.

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